Explore Electro-Mechanical Engineering Course Modules for Comprehensive Learning

Electro-mechanical Engineering BSc Course Structure

Explore Electro-Mechanical Engineering Course Modules for Comprehensive Learning

Welcome to our Electro-Mechanical Engineering Course! Delve into our curriculum tailored to equip students with diverse skills in electrical and mechanical engineering domains. Discover the modules offered throughout the course:

Year 1 Modules:

  1. Mathematical Principles for Engineers (30 credits): Lay the groundwork with calculus, algebra, and differential equations tailored for engineering problem-solving.
  2. Engineering Design Principles (30 credits): Dive into the design process, material selection, and prototyping techniques essential for engineering design.
  3. Mechanical Engineering Principles (30 credits): Gain a solid foundation in mechanics, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics, crucial for understanding mechanical systems.
  4. Electrical and Electronic Principles (30 credits): Explore circuits, digital electronics, and electrical machines fundamental to electrical and electronic engineering.

Year 2 Modules:

  1. Control of Mechatronics Systems (30 credits): Learn about sensors, actuators, and feedback control critical for mechatronics and control systems.
  2. Mechanical Engineering Systems (30 credits): Study machine design, dynamics, and structural analysis to comprehend complex mechanical systems.
  3. Renewable and Sustainable Engineering (30 credits): Address environmental challenges with sustainable engineering practices and renewable energy technologies.
  4. Smart Manufacturing Technology (30 credits): Explore advanced manufacturing technologies such as additive manufacturing, automation, and robotics.

Optional Modules:

  • UK Work Placement (0 credits): Gain practical experience in the UK, applying classroom knowledge to real-world engineering projects.
  • International Study/Work Placement (0 credits): Broaden your horizons with international study or work placements, fostering global perspectives and cross-cultural experiences.

Year 4 Modules:

  1. Embedded Systems Engineering (30 credits): Design and program embedded systems for IoT devices, automotive systems, and consumer electronics.
  2. Systems Operation and Control Project (30 credits): Work on a practical project designing, implementing, and testing a control system for a real-world application.
  3. Project Management (30 credits): Develop project management skills essential for leading engineering projects, including planning, budgeting, and risk management.
  4. Engineering Project (30 credits): Apply knowledge and skills to solve real-world engineering problems, showcasing capabilities to potential employers.

Prepare for diverse career opportunities in industries such as robotics, automotive, renewable energy, and manufacturing with our comprehensive electro-mechanical engineering course.

Stay tuned for our YouTube videos, diving deeper into each module with insights, examples, and practical demonstrations to enhance your learning journey.