INDICE TECH LTD is a British tech startup based at Coventry in United Kingdom. Company registration number 12848919. It started with the intention of idea cultivation. What it mean is, in current setting you start with any of the topic below related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics(STEM).

You follow the tutorial INDICE publishes and develop idea on your own. INDICE will get it published. This way the monetization helps you to keep going and eventually, INDICE with your help can develop STEM Intellectual Properties(IP) and will go for high tech process manufacturing.

Please explore the career option below.

CAD/CAM Assembly
CAD/CAM Part Design
CAD/CAM Design
Practical Engineering
Robot Simulation to Physical Robot
Tesla Cyber Truck Simulation
Autonomous Robot Development
Power Electronics
Siemens NX-11 Tutorial
Engineering Design Principles

Power Electronics
MATLAB Image Processing
Raspberry PI Virtual/Physical Robot
Understanding Switching Device
Autonomous Farm Robot
Raspberry PI Motor Control.

E-mail your CV with a brief description of few of the above videos, you have/want to have experience at and also join our Facebook group.